Tax Planning

Impact of Taxation

Every investment you own may be taxed in a different way. The taxation of dividends and interest is different than the taxation on capital gains or withdrawals from an IRA. Knowing how these differences may impact your net returns and planning to create the ideal balance between pre- and post-tax returns is crucial.

For many families, the most important area of tax planning relates to their estate plans. In an environment of changeing regulations, ensuring that your estate plan is current and is designed to take advantage of tax savings opportunities is essential.

Avoiding or reducing estate taxes, on both the federal and state levels, is one fundamental goal of estate planning. On another level, though, shifting the burden of paying income taxes, even if your estate will not be subjected to estate taxes, can increase the assets left to heirs. Through a deep understanding of the use of IRAs, charitable gifting and other investments such as life insurance, we can help you build an effective strategy that makes sense.

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